Moderately Shameless Self-Promotion

A few months ago I had an idea for a blog article……an A to Z of all the old Island places that have disappeared or are disappearing: schools, streets, firms, churches, buildings, etc.

That turned out to be a lot more work than I expected (the MS Word document property page says I have spent many hundreds of hours on it). I realized quickly it would be too long for a blog article, but carried on anyway with no real idea of what I would do with it in the end.

Well, it turned into a book (albeit a small one) and I decided to self-publish it, and sell it on Amazon. It’s not going to make me rich – that’s not the point anyway – I am just enjoying seeing the book in print, with an ISBN number, and “Author: Mick Lemmerman” on the Amazon product page. Here’s a link to that page. I don’t feel entirely comfortable about advertising here, but on the other hand it is probably just the kind of book that is of interest to those who read this blog?

This site has a few sample pages:


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3 Responses to Moderately Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Wietse de Vries says:

    Looks great! Congratulations

  2. john says:

    my dad was a rag and boneman on the isle of dogs from 1959 till he died in 1967 of cancer
    Alfred Brown was his name…..Many years later i did his story of the Rag and Boneman lost years 1959 to 1967….anyone wanting a copy email me and i will send you a copy in pdf format.

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