The Lansbury Estate

I was recently reading an article in A London Inheritance when I came across a reference to an interesting-souding publication: “Administrative County of London: Development Plan 1951: Analysis London – 1951 LCC Plan.” The LCC was obliged to make this plan under the terms of the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act, and it served as the basis of post-war planning in London.

I managed to buy a dusty and well-used copy and immediately started looking for mention of the Isle of Dogs. Plenty of interesting facts and figures, but I also came across a very interesting section on the Lansbury Estate, interesting enough to want to share. It’s not about the Island, and I’ve not posted non-Island stuff before, but I thought it was close enough for readers of this blog.

So, here it is, in its entirety (click on an image to see the full-size version).

IMG_20160807_094311 IMG_20160807_094321 IMG_20160807_094327 IMG_20160807_094338 IMG_20160807_094344 IMG_20160807_094354 IMG_20160807_094358 IMG_20160807_094409 IMG_20160807_094414 IMG_20160807_094423 IMG_20160807_094426 IMG_20160807_094443 IMG_20160807_094446 IMG_20160807_094453 IMG_20160807_094457

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2 Responses to The Lansbury Estate

  1. Martin Harvey says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this. Fascinating.

    Martin Harvey 07888 682661 55 Ammonite House 12 Flint Close London E15 4 QR


  2. Tim Penrice says:

    Thanks Mick. The standard of 3.6 acres per thousand head of population would require us to have 180,000 acres of space on the IOD alone. Hyde Park is 350 acres. Funny how what is desirable and acceptable has changed so much so quickly.

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