Island Pubs – Then & Now

This post is low on text and high on images: Then & Now photos of Island pubs. Nearly, but not quite, all old pubs are included – there are no photos of some old pubs (to my knowledge), and a modern view of some of pubs is not possible due to new buildings on the site. In all cases, click on the photo to see the full-sized image.

Anchor & Hope, 41 Westferry Road

Blacksmiths’ Arms, 25 Westferry Road

Builders’ Arms, 99 Stebondale Street

City Arms, 1 Westferry Road

Cubitt Arms, 262 Cubitt Arms

Dorset Arms, 377-379 Manchester Road

Ferry House, 26 Ferry Street

Fishing Smack, 9 Cold Harbour

George, 114 Glengall Grove

Glengall Arms, 367 Westferry Road

Great Eastern, 393 Westferry Road.

The Gun, 27 Cold Harbour

Ironmongers’ Arms, 210 Westferry Road

Kingsbridge Arms, 154-156 Westferry Road

London Tavern, 393 Manchester Road

Lord Nelson, 1 Manchester Road

Magnet & Dewdrop, 194 Westferry Road

Manchester Arms, 308 Manchester Road

Millwall Docks Tavern & Hotel, 233 Westferry Road

North Pole, 74 Manilla Street

Pier Tavern, 283 Manchester Road

Prince Alfred, 22 Tobago Street

Princess of Wales, 84 Manchester Road

The Queen, 571 Manchester Road

Robert Burns, 248-250 Westferrt Road

The Ship, 290 Westferry Road

Tooke Arms, 165 Westferry Road

Vulcan, 240 Westferry Road

Watermans’ Arms, 1 Glenaffric Avenue

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9 Responses to Island Pubs – Then & Now

  1. Michael John Halpin says:

    Cold Harbour are poplar pubs.

    • It depends how you define the Isle of Dogs, which leads to plenty of discussion. My own definition says the nothern border is defined by the West India Import Dock, so that includes Cold Harbour. Had to draw the line somewhere.

  2. jacqueline S says:

    Fascinating. Thanks. I always remembered The Ship as green. Memory plays tricks. Also, it looks like the Tooke Arms has now gone from that photo.

  3. Rich says:

    Great pics Mick

  4. Tony Taylor says:

    Found an old (1922) football programme for the Sunday morning Stratford & District League. The home team was Kingsbridge Athletic (from the Arms of that name) and most of the League’s clubs seem to have been from pubs on the IOD – Elder Tree; Vicar of Wakefield; Ship United; Royal Sovereign; The Harrow; Prince of Wales; Tenterden; Blue Anchor; Lord Nelson; Hearts of Oak; Regent and Buxton Athletic.

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