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Thames Portrait – From Westminster to Southend

Eileen Arbuthnot (aka Arnot) Robertson (1903-1961) was an English novelist, critic and broadcaster. Among her books was the 1937, “Thames Portrait”, based on a motor-boat trip from Lechdale in Gloucestershire to Southend, in which she tells stories of the places … Continue reading

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Lenanton’s timber firm was one of the longest-existing businesses on the Isle of Dogs. It was founded in 1864 and was still doing business in the 1990s, well after the docks had closed and when most everything else along the … Continue reading

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Hammond House Photo Album

Hammond House was built in 1937-38 on the eastern end of the former Universe Rope Works. Survey of London Hammond House consisted of three linked, four-storey, blocks of flats, built in 1937–8 for Poplar Borough Council and designed by Rees … Continue reading

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Outside Christ Church – a Mainly Pictorial History

Christ Church was built during the second half of the 1850s to serve the recently started Cubitt Town development. At the time of its construction, there were only a few houses in the area: along Church Street, which connected Manchester … Continue reading

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A History of The Arches in Millwall Park

Known simply as ‘The Arches’ to most Islanders, the railway viaduct which runs through Millwall Park is one of the few 19th century structures still standing on the Island. The arches have lost their original purpose – albeit with a … Continue reading

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‘As the rum burnt, its evaporated alcohol made the firemen tipsy’ – the Rum Quay fire of 1933

Sugar, coffee and rum imports increased dramatically in the early years of the West India Docks, and rum was handled on the south side of the Import Dock, on the unsurprisingly named Rum Quay. An important part of the handling … Continue reading

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Late 1970s Photos of George Green’s and Area

In the 1970s, George Green’s school and community centre was built. Before the school was formally opened, it was possible to join the youth club, and that’s what I did – the third kid to join (I wonder who numbers … Continue reading

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