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Cuba, Tobago and Manilla – Three Old Island Streets

This is Cuba Street: This is Tobago Street: And this is Manilla Street: Just two buildings, both former pubs, give any indication of the age of these streets. In London terms, they are whippersnappers, but they are among the oldest streets … Continue reading

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Unique Images of Canary Wharf from the Late 80s to the Early 90s

I was fortunate to recently receive a lot of photos taken in the West India and Millwall Docks during the decade from the late 1980s. They show the construction and topping out of 1 Canada Square, as well as many … Continue reading

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A History of South Cubitt Town

I started this article with the idea of making a short, potted history of a small area on the Isle of Dogs – the area in which I grew up, so it has a special significance to me – but … Continue reading

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A Wander Around the Block Near the City Arms

The City Arms (later in life named City Pride) is no more, demolished just a few years ago, to be replaced by yet another tower. To the left, a glimpse of the West India Dock Impounding Station, a pump house … Continue reading

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An Elevated View of the New Docks & Warehouses now constructing on the Isle of Dogs near Limehouse

I’ve known this print for a while, but recently came across a higher resolution version for the first time and managed to zoom in on various areas. This revealed an amazing amount of detail, including elements which are still recognizable … Continue reading

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The Chapel House Estate

I went to Harbinger School, lived near Christ Church, and sometimes – when I was bored with walking home along Westferry Road and Manchester Road – I would take a longer route: Harbinger Road, Hesperus Crescent, through that funny footpath … Continue reading

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McDougall’s Millwall

For many Islanders, including myself, few buildings were more familiar and more represented home than the McDougall’s flour silo. Visible from virtually anywhere on the Island, its distinctive appearance set it apart from all other dock, warehouse and industrial buildings. … Continue reading

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