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The V2 Rocket Strike on the Isle of Dogs

Towards the end of World War II, in September 1944, the German Wehrmacht commenced launching V2 rockets (mostly) against London and Antwerp. Known in German as Vergeteltungswaffe 2 (‘Retribution’ or ‘Vengeance’ Weapon 2), the supersonic missile was intended as a … Continue reading

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The PLA Police Office in West India Docks

Until 1908, the Port of London docks were owned and run by separate companies who competed with each other for business – competition which was detrimental to their interests (they nearly all ran at a loss at the time), and … Continue reading

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The Demolition of the Isle of Dogs – A Photo Album

After WWII whole Island neighbourhoods were cleared to make room for new housing estates, and after the closure of the docks in 1980 virtually all industrial and dock buildings were wiped away. There was a lot of empty space on … Continue reading

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Miss Price and The Welcome Institute for Working Girls

In 1892 philanthropist Jean Warrender Price (1859-1942) took over a former oil and paint shop at 333 Westferry Road in order to be able to provide lunchtime meals and shelter to local working girls. Survey of London: Cheap hot meals … Continue reading

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The Corner of Chapel House Street and Westferry Road

The first mention of Chapel House Street on a map was around 1870, when it was a very short street off Westferry Road which turned 90 degrees to the right after a few yards. Later, when Chapel House Street was … Continue reading

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Union Dock

In 1660  the river wall was breached in the north-west of the Island, and this breach not only created an inland lake (the Poplar Gut), it also meant the river wall had to be routed around the breach, giving the … Continue reading

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A Unique Image of Millwall Athletic’s ground in East Ferry Road?

From 1890-1901 Millwall played at the Millwall Athletic Ground – where ASDA is now located. The Athletic Ground was on land leased from the Millwall Dock Company, and the club was forced to move before the scheduled end of lease … Continue reading

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Malabar Street. A Short History of a Short Street

Malabar Street was originally named Charles Street, and was one of the few short streets built off Westferry Road starting around 1850 on land belonging to Revd. William Tooke. Development was slow in the beginning, and came to a complete … Continue reading

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Little Remnants of Isle of Dogs History

The Isle of Dogs has a rich history, but there is little evidence of that if you walk around the Island (and what remains is – admittedly – mostly less than spectacular). However, if you are that way inclined, it … Continue reading

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Burrell’s of Millwall

Alfred E. Burrell was born in 1822 in the small market town of St Ive’s, Cambridgeshire. The 1861 census shows Burrell and his wife and children living in Hackney, and describes him as an ‘oil and colour manufacturer, employing 5 … Continue reading

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