Just a Load of Photos of Jags on the Isle of Dogs

Some might be Daimlers – I’m not an expert at telling the difference πŸ™‚

1970s. Westferry Road

1979. West India Docks (The Long Good Friday)

1974. Preston’s Road (Jan Traylen)

1970s. Manchester Road

1970s. Manchester Road

1979. Coldharbour (The Professionals)

1970s. Glenaffric Avenue

1980s. Ferry Street (Mike Seaborne)

1980s. Ferry Street (Bill Regan)

1980s. Ferry Street (Tarbard Family)

1980s. Coldharbour (Mike Seaborne)

1980s. Coldharbour (Mike Seaborne)

1980s. Tiller Road (Mick Lemmerman)

1980s. Tiller Road (The Chinese Detective)

1980s. Tiller Road (Prospects)

1980s. Tiller Road (Prospects)

1980s. Saunders Ness Road (Pat Jarvis)

1980s. Westferry Road (Duggan Family)

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16 Responses to Just a Load of Photos of Jags on the Isle of Dogs

  1. Janet Hill says:

    I can’t see the Jag in the Kingfield St photo ( I can see 2 cars which definitely aren’t Jags). But if there is a Jag in the pic, I’m pretty sure it would have belonged to my brother, Bill Price. Over the years he had many interesting old cars!

  2. Jags and the East End go together like a birds of a feather.
    Great images.

    Been using some of your images and information ( a huge thanks and which I’ve referenced and linked) on my WordPress Research Blog;


    You blog is the go to place for real genus loci (spirit of place) information.
    Any issues let me know, I won’t be offended.
    Former Coldharbour resident 1981-4


  3. Nicholas Sack says:

    Super collection of photos, Mick – and an extraordinary vehicle you captured in Tiller Road!

  4. Don Kinnaird says:

    And on Kingferry Road what appears to be an even more rare Reliant.
    The Mk 10 on Tiller Road supports the old slur: Give an Englishman a bit of tin and he’ll do something stupid with it.
    Enjoyable post, thanks.

  5. Pete Norris says:

    Nice photo collection Mick, I always assumed any Jag parked near a pub belonged to landlord or local turf accountant πŸ™‚ I await your magnum opus “White Vans of the Isle” !!

  6. David B. says:

    May I buy a black-&-white print of ‘1974. Preston’s Road (Jan Traylen)’, please? ..The ship’s nose and the Jag. It’s brilliant!

  7. David B. says:

    Just bought it!

  8. Emmajane says:

    The photo of the Gun 1980’s was taken right outside my nan and grandads house.

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