Now available: The Isle of Dogs During World War II

I’ve written a book about the Isle of Dogs during WWII.  It’s available from Amazon at:

Below are a few sample pages.


















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12 Responses to Now available: The Isle of Dogs During World War II

  1. Marion Butcher says:

    How fascinating! My mums parents lived in Mellish street during the war, my dad served in Burma and his parents lived in Alpha Grove. Always enjoy reading your posts, I was brought up on The Isle of Dogs till I was four and we lived in Havannah Street. I still have cousins residing on the Isle Of Dogs


  2. dineke de vries says:

    Looks good

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 12 aug. 2015 om 08:59 heeft Isle of Dogs – Past Life, Past Lives het volgende geschreven: > > >

  3. mike pye says:

    Hi Mick great please let me know when published as I would like a copy. I do remember the ‘Pin & Cotter’ pub it’s where I had my first pint!!! Also remember coming home from St Edmund’s School when my brother and I were watching a couple of fighters over the wood yard we were pulled into the cafe under the flats near Harbinger Road scared the daylights out of me – Not the fighters but getting dragged under the tables in the cafe!!!

  4. Sarah Neil says:

    Please let me know how to get a copy of this book. I had relatives in Stebondale Street during the war.

  5. Bob Campbell says:

    My Aunt was passing from Hesperus Crescent to shops when bombers came over a neighbor threw her down and covered her body with his,she said “I don’t think he was shielding me from the plane”

  6. Bob Campbell says:

    hi Mick your book available on Amazon in USA,I have just ordered it,thanks.

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