Now available: The Isle of Dogs During World War II

I’ve written a book about the Isle of Dogs during WWII.  It’s available from Amazon at:

Below are a few sample pages.


















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13 Responses to Now available: The Isle of Dogs During World War II

  1. Marion Butcher says:

    How fascinating! My mums parents lived in Mellish street during the war, my dad served in Burma and his parents lived in Alpha Grove. Always enjoy reading your posts, I was brought up on The Isle of Dogs till I was four and we lived in Havannah Street. I still have cousins residing on the Isle Of Dogs


  2. dineke de vries says:

    Looks good

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 12 aug. 2015 om 08:59 heeft Isle of Dogs – Past Life, Past Lives het volgende geschreven: > > >

  3. mike pye says:

    Hi Mick great please let me know when published as I would like a copy. I do remember the ‘Pin & Cotter’ pub it’s where I had my first pint!!! Also remember coming home from St Edmund’s School when my brother and I were watching a couple of fighters over the wood yard we were pulled into the cafe under the flats near Harbinger Road scared the daylights out of me – Not the fighters but getting dragged under the tables in the cafe!!!

  4. Sarah Neil says:

    Please let me know how to get a copy of this book. I had relatives in Stebondale Street during the war.

  5. Bob Campbell says:

    My Aunt was passing from Hesperus Crescent to shops when bombers came over a neighbor threw her down and covered her body with his,she said “I don’t think he was shielding me from the plane”

  6. Bob Campbell says:

    hi Mick your book available on Amazon in USA,I have just ordered it,thanks.

  7. Jenny Laverick says:

    Hello from Sydney Australia

    I am interested in the shipbuilding firm J & W Dudgeon as I am descendant of John Dudgeon and am hopeful you may be able to provide me with more information as to the fate of John’s family after he was admitted to an asylum in Edinburgh
    Thanks so much

    Jenny Laverick
    201/28 Turramurra Avenue

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